Pre-Litigation Program

Through our Pre-Litigation Program, we use our investigative approach to implement a pretrial asset and liability investigation of the debtor, utilizing, among other tools, paid databases that are not available to the general public. Throughout the investigation, our sole purpose is to determine if the debtor is unwilling or unable to pay the money due our client.

We work with the debtor up to 45 days to collect the money or to determine if litigation is a viable solution for our client, based upon asset discovery. At the end of 45 days we will have:

  1. Collected your money
  2. Cancelled the account and return it with all information we discovered during our investigation at no charge
  3. Forwarded the information we discovered during our investigation to one of the attorneys in our network.

Please see our Legal Forwarding Program. By forwarding your account, we do not increase your rate* or charge you
a management fee.

* Based on our Standard Rates