Audit Approach

Today’s marketplace is competitive, and it is more cost effective for a company to maintain an existing relationship than it is to create a new one. AIP Solutions provides a way for your customers to pay their outstanding invoices without the fear of reprisal.

If your in-house efforts have not produced the results needed within 90-to-120 days, you need assistance. Our audit approach is very passive and non-threatening. We let your customer know that we have been hired to audit the books of your company and have noticed that there is a past due balance currently owed.

Our professionals probe as “consultants,” asking if there is a problem with the products or services for which our client needs to be made aware. In most cases there is no problem. We then work with them to make the debt due you a priority.

Benefits to you, our client:

  • Increased cash flow
  • Relationship with your customer is maintained
  • Higher Net Recovery

Benefits to your existing customer:

  • Overdue account is brought to current status
  • Relationship with your company is maintained
  • Customer can continue to buy on terms

Online Client Auditing

Through our Online Auditing you can:

  • Access your password protected debtors’ files
  • View collector notes, which once they are entered cannot be altered or changed
  • View real-time debtor payments
  • Monitor how often the accounts have been worked

This access is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

AIP Solutions is one of only a few agencies in the United States that currently offers its clients full online access to its collector notes. Giving our clients unprecedented access to our collector notes and payments is just another way AIP Solutions is establishing partnerships one placement at a time.

Detailed Reports

AIP Solutions provides consistent feedback and reports to all our clients. Access them on-line, receive them electronically, or just ask your dedicated Relationship Manager to notify you of any changes. We are happy to customize our communication strategy to best fit your needs