AIP vs. Attorneys

There is a time and place to use attorneys; we use them on a daily basis. But lawsuits take time and time is the #1 factor in uncollectible debt. If the suit takes too long there may be no assets left. It’s not what the debtor has today but what they will have in 12 months.

Working with Attorneys

  • Have you ever obtained a judgment but never executed it?
  • A judgment with no assets is waste of your time and money.
  • Does your attorney charge by the hour?

AIP Solutions Working for You

  • We do in 6 days what most attorneys take 6 months to do!
    Allow AIP to utilize our databases, unavailable to the general public,
    to determine if your debtor is even worth suing.
  • We make recommendations based on assets not emotions. If there are no assets we don’t waste your money on a lawsuit.
  • Take advantage of our legal forwarding program.
    • Our attorneys work on a contingency basis and are bonded up
      to $3 million per claim.
    • Allow us to manage the process for your company so you can focus your internal efforts on the accounts 30-60 days delinquent.
    • No management fees.